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    Aggregation Pheromones:
    1. These pheromones induce aggregation or congregation of insects for protection, reproduction and feeding or combinations thereof.
    2. The best known examples are the females of the bark beetle and males of the phloem beetle.
    3. Some common names of aggregation pheromones are frontalin, ipsenol, periplanone, dimethyldecanol etc.
    Alarm Pheromones:
    1. Alarm pheromones have been reported in Homoptera, Isoptera and Hymenoptera.
    2. The  pheromone is produced by a variety of organs such as a pair of cornicles or siphunculi near the tip of the abdomen in aphids.
    3. It is primarily an anti predator device.
    Trail Pheromones:
    1. These pheromones are laid in the form of intermittent or continuous lines on a solid substrate that the trait followers perceive by their antennae to reach the destination which could be a mate or a source of food discovered by the trail marker.
    2. The trail pheromones are thus used to find mates, or to utilize food resources more efficiently.

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