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    শুক্রবার, ২২ আগস্ট, ২০১৪

    Contact grafting: It can be defined as the process in which the stock plant approaches to the scion and the scion plant is not removed from its mother plant until union in between two cambium layers takes place and then separated from the mother plant.
    Reasons for grafting:
    1. Perpetuating clones that cannot be readily maintained by cutting.
    2.Obtaining the benefits of certain root stock.
    3. Obtaining cultivars of established plants.
    4. Obtaining the special from of plant growth.
    5. Repairing the damage plant parts.
    6. Studying virus diseases.
    Materials required:
    1. Scion plant & root stock plant    2.Budding knife     3. Secateurs 
    4. Polythene strips                5. Rope or thread       6. Wax material.

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