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    বুধবার, ৬ আগস্ট, ২০১৪

    Heterosis: It is one kind of genetic phenomenon & can be defined as the showing of increased vigor or superiority over it's parents by the hybrid of two genetically dissimilar parents. If 1st generation shows decreased vigor over parents it is also considered as heterosis but conditioning crop improvement e.g days to maturity, plant height, disease or pest infestation etc.

    General features of Heterosis:
    1. Heterosis is a widely occurring biological or genetic phenomenon in both the plant & animals species.
    2. In plant it occurs frequently rather than in animal species.
    3. It occurs frequently in a number of cross pollinated species than the self-pollinated species.
    4. Heterotic crosses usually show good results on off spring plant like increased in size, vigor, seed production capability, better resistance to insect or diseases, increased metabolic activity, better stability etc.
    5. Ultimately it results in the better performance of the hybrid than the parents.

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