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    Some features of Fruits & Vegetables:

    Fruits: Fruit plants are usually perennial (exception: watermelon, strawberry, banana etc.) They are usually asexsually propagated (exception: jackfruit, jamun, aonla etc.) Fruit plants require especial practices like training & pruning & are required seasonally. Plants are generally woody (exception: watermelon, strawberry, gooseberry, banana etc). Mostly consumed in fresh condition after or before ripening.

    Vegetables: Most vegetable plants are annual (exception: drumstick). Mostly sexsually propagated (exception: teasle gourd, pointed gourd, potato etc.)
    Cultivation is seasonal and especial techniques like pruning & training are generally not required. Plants are generally non-woody (exception: drum stick). Generally consumed after cooking.

    From these features of fruits & vegetables we can easily differentiate between fruits & vegetables.

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