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    শুক্রবার, ২২ আগস্ট, ২০১৪

    Five Important Requirements for Successful Grafting:
    1. The root stock & scion must be compatible.
    2. The cambial region of the scion must be placed in intimate contact with that of the stock.
    3. The grafting operation must be done at the time when the stock & scion in the upper physiological stage.
    4. All cut surface of the root stock & scion must be protected from desiccation i.e. grafting operation is completed within a short time.
    5. Proper care must be given to the graft until the graft completion.
    1.Young & non-bearing trees should not be selected as mother plant.
    2.A hot & very dry season as well as heavy rainfall during the in arching should be avoided.
    3. The cut surface should be smooth.
    4. Remove the plastic stripes from the graft joint after completion the graft.
    5. Remove the newly sprouting twigs above or below the graft point of the rootstock plants.
    6. Protect the saplings from pests, diseases & heavy wind etc.

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